Buying Cryptocurrency

Where To Buy Cryptocurrency In Canada?

So you want to get into the world of cryptocurrency, but where do you buy the coins from? This page is going to tell you, and will also point out what to avoid when making your purchases.

Note that this is page (like the rest of the site of the site) is made with a Canadian perspective in mind, but some of the sites mentioned may also work well for other markets.


Our very first purchase was made here, the main reason for this is because they are the only place you can buy (up to $100 CAD per week unverified) with your credit/debit card without having to go through a verification process, or paying exorbitant fees (more on that below).

To raise this limit to $250 per week, you simply upload 1 form of ID such as your driving license.

The other main benefit to using them is this:

Using digital currency is more fun with friends! You can invite your friends by sharing the provided link.
Once your friend buys or sells $100 USD ($130 CAD at the time of writing) of digital currency or more, you will both get $10 USD ($13 CAD at the time of writing) of free bitcoin.

Nothing major, but an extra $10 USD in Bitcoin is enough to cover some fees eh?

NOTE: You cannot currently sell in Canada.