What the hell is “FUD”? Doesn’t He Shoot Wabbits?

On your journey through the cryptosphere, you’re bound to come across a few terms that may make little to no sense to you as a “newb”. This page will attempt to list many of them as possible to help you out, and to stop you from making a confused face.

Some of these meme/slang terms, and others are more of a technical nature. Let’s get right to it:

HODL – In short; HOLD. Hodl has become somewhat of a meme that has circled around since a thread was posted with the word “Hold” misspelled in its title. It pretty much took off from there.

FUD – You’re going to come across a lot of FUD in the crypto world. But what does it stand for? Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt. “Bitcoin’s going to die and go to $0” is FUD, “Ethereum got hacked!” No it didn’t, that’s also FUD.

Shitcoin – The name given to a coin that has no real world value. Money can be made by trading shitcoins on exchanges if you’re lucky, but these are not something you should be looking to put any money into long term.