Trading and Investing

Disclaimer: Trading and investing comes with the risk of losing your capital. Do not invest any money you are not willing to lose and do so at your own risk. This page is meant as an expression of opinion only, and is not intended as investment or financial advice.

For more see the disclaimer page.

With that legal bit of stuff out of the way, this page is going to talk about investments you can make in the world of cryptocurrency, and the potential trading options that are available.

Where To Trade

This part is going to be a little bias, everyone has their own favorite exchanges, but we’ll try our best to remain as impartial as possible.

Always try to get your coins off of exchanges and into wallets where you control the private keys.

How To Trade

This section will feature trading tips, including the best books and courses on learning how to trade.

Charts & Indicators

Some of the exchanges above offer charts, others don’t, or have very limited technical indicators available. For those that don’t have the necessary tools available, you might wish to use charting software. Here we will give a brief rundown of the options that are available.


Coinigy offers the widest selection of supported cryptocurrency exchanges, and also offers you the ability to trade directly from inside the program.