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Getting started

First, before you even think of getting involved in the world of cryptocurrency, you better make sure you’re not using your rent or mortgage payments, kids college fund, or whatever else important money you’ve got that you will need, or are not willing to lose!

Sure it’s possible to make your money back – or maybe even double it – but you can just as easily lose your wallet information, send your coins somewhere that gets hacked, or simply watch as the steam evaporates out of the world of cryptocurrency and your $2000 supercoin investment become worth $2 rather than the $200,000 you had initially hoped for.

I believe in starting small, I got into crypto with $100, made an easy $50 on that, then used the $50 profit as a reinvestment. I’ve since started to view my crypto trading as more of a long term game, and as being one of the early adopters wherever possible.

This site is going to be a collection of everything you need to know about the crypto world; from the technical aspects to trading tips. Here’s a brief disclaimer:

This site is written by a Canadian with Canadian interest at its core, while the information contained on this site may also be useful to people in other countries, please bare this in mind when using the website.

The website contains some referral and/or affiliate links, each one will be marked with “(AL)” so as to make them clear.  For more disclaimering, see this page.

With that out of the way, let’s take a quick look at the topics that are going to be covered on this site:

  • Buying – Where to get your coins from.
  • Trading and Investing – How to trade, what to invest in, and why?
  • Terminology – What do FUD, HODL and other terms mean?
  • Scams – VERY Important, find out how to avoid scams.
  • Wallets – Where to keep your coinage safe?

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